Mass Effect 2 Wallpapers

Mass Effect 2 Wallpapers

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Mass Effect 2 could be the game of the decade, and it's only just begun! This is a selection of 24 official wallpapers for your desktop.

Set in 2183, just after the end of the first Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 is a huge game, which sends players all over the universe involved in a real space-opera of a story that is just as dramatic as it is action packed.

These wallpapers are offered in four resolutions (1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1920x1080 and 1920x1200), so there's sure to be one that fits your monitor. They show images from the sprawling action role playing game, from beautifully detailed space shots, to close-ups of the main characters, like Commander Shepard, Miranda Lawson, Grunt and Legion.

The quality of these wallpapers is very high, and if you're a fan of the game, you'll love the huge selection available.

Mass Effect 2 Wallpapers


Mass Effect 2 Wallpapers

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